Advanced Spine & Rehab: A Commitment to Excellence

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Advanced Spine & Rehab: A Commitment to Excellence

Advanced Spine & Rehab’s professional physicians are dedicated to your whole health.

At Advanced Spine & Rehab, we specialize in assisting individuals who have been involved in car accidents in the Tucson and Phoenix area. In fact, Dr. Miller, Dr. Crimson and Dr. Graham take direct referrals for car crash patients from the directors of emergency rooms in a number of area facilities. Among these are:

  • Chandler Regional Hospital
  • Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
  • Mountain Vista Medical Center

By taking a holistic approach to medical care, our team can assess the problem, recommend and implement a treatment plan and work on other aspects that provide our patients with the opportunity to recover as quickly as possible.

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In addition to taking a holistic approach to treating the entire patient and not just addressing the symptoms, our team is dedicated to remaining up-to-date on the latest advancements and research in our field. To that end, Dr. Crismon and Dr. Graham are both graduates of the Whilplash and Brain Injury Traumatology program through The Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

Directed by Dr. Arthur C. Croft, Ph.D., D.C., M.Sc., M.P.H., F.A.C.O., The Spine Research Institute is dedicated to educating doctors and making patients more aware of injuries related to the neck and brain. Dr. Croft has been actively involved in whiplash research for the past 26 years and has written several books related to the subject. He is also the editor and manuscript reviewer for a number of professional publications. During his career, he has earned a number of awards and accolades, including an Emmy nomination for his role in the production of Whiplash.

By working closely with those individuals who are at the top of their field, the team at Advanced Spine & Rehab is better prepared to treat our patients with methods based on the latest research. Contact us to learn more.