Advanced Spine & Rehab: Keeping You Safe with COVID-19

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At Advanced Spine & Rehab, we take pride in ensuring our services are accessible and easy for all to utilize. In addition, while the world reacts to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pleased to continue to offer all of our services in order to help you with your recovery or to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Making Appointments Easy

Even before COVID-19, Advanced Spine & Rehab was committed to making it easier for you to make your appointments. In fact, all you have to do is fill out your basic information on our online form

and then we will contact you to set up an appointment! When you fill out the form, you will tell us the reason for your visit as well as your preferred appointment day and time period. We will take it from there to find the right time slot to suit your needs!

Taking Extra Precautions for COVID-19

Of course, we understand that many people are concerned about COVID-19 and want to be sure they are taking the steps necessary to avoid catching it and to prevent its spread. For our part, we are cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day in order to ensure you are entering a safe environment. In addition, we are offering curb side check-in services to assist with social distancing for those who are not comfortable with coming inside our waiting room. For those who are in the waiting room, chairs are spaced in such a way to assist with social distancing.

The bottom line is that we want you to be safe and healthy! If you have any questions about any of these procedures or about COVID-19, give us a call today!

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