Advanced Spine & Rehab: Offering Holistic Care and Extensive Services

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Located in the heart of the East Valley, Advanced Spine & Rehab offers a convenient location with numerous services available to assist our patients. In addition to providing family health care, we also specialize in medical weight loss, massage therapy, physiotherapy, opioid drug treatment, chiropractic care and helping patients recover from car accidents.

By offering a wide range of services, we hope to meet two primary goals. First, we strive to make medical care as convenient and easy for our patients to obtain as possible. With so many services available at our facility, we significantly reduce the need to transfer back and forth to various facilities. By keeping your services in-house, it streamlines the process while also helping to ensure you receive the appropriate care.

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Offering a wide range of services also makes it easier for us to provide holistic care to our patients. Rather than focusing on simply addressing the symptoms that you are experiencing, we dig deeper and look for ways to help you live the healthiest life possible. With our wide range of medical offerings and highly-trained medical professionals, we are able to develop a treatment program that will help you to meet your health goals.

If you are interested in working with a medical professional who will sincerely listen to your needs while working closely with a network of other professionals to provide holistic care, contact Advanced Spine & Rehab today. We would be happy to discuss your health treatment and prevention options with you!