Arizona Car Accident Injuries and Treatment

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Being involved in a car accident can result in a wide variety of different types of injuries. Among these potential injuries is a broken neck, which can range from a small, hairline crack to one or more bones breaking into two or more pieces. Depending upon the severity of the break, the treatment plan will obviously differ. If your break does not require an extended hospital stay, you may be sent home with a neck break of collar to wear while your neck heals. If this is the case, knowing how to care for yourself at home is the key to increasing your chances of enjoying a full recovery.

Stabilizing the Neck

As part of the healing process, your neck will need to be properly stabilized until it is healed. This means that you should wear your neck brace exactly as directed by your doctor without taking it off until your doctor tells you to. You should also be sure to follow the doctor’s directions for returning to normal activities. This includes avoiding physical activity until it is medically advised and making sure the paths in your home are clear so you do not fall. You also should avoid driving until the doctor says it is okay.

Dealing with the Pain

To address the pain associated with your injury, your doctor will likely prescribe pain medication for you to use. If so, be sure to follow the medication as prescribed and as directed. If you are not taking prescription pain medications, talk to your doctor about the best over-the-counter pain relief options for you.

If you are dealing with neck issues following a car accident, contact Advanced Spine & Rehab so we can help you along your road to recovery!

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