Avoid Car Accidents with These Safe Driving Tips

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Car Accident Avoidance Tips from Advanced Spine and Rehab

Driving safely is the key to avoiding car accidents. While some safe driving tips may seem like common sense, others are strategies that you may not have considered. To that end, here are a few tips for staying safe while driving.

  • Get Comfortable: Before you head out on the road, make sure your seat and mirrors are properly adjusted, that your climate control settings are where you want them and that your radio is properly set.
  • Remain Focused: 100% of your attention should be on driving at all times. This means you should avoid multitasking, such as using your phone or other electronic devices, applying makeup or otherwise engaging in other activities while driving.
  • Avoid Speeding: Abide by the speed limit and slow down even more for icy or otherwise unsafe driving conditions. This will give you more time to react in order to avoid a car accident.
  • Drive Defensively: Always remain aware of the drivers around you and what they are doing. You should always be prepared for other drivers to do something unexpected. In that way, you will be better prepared to avoid it.
  • Maintain Distance: In good conditions, you should always maintain a two-second cushion between you and the car in front of you. If the weather is bad, increase this cushion to 4 seconds.

Secure Cargo: Before driving, make sure any cargo is properly secured so it does not roll out of place and get in the way of reaching pedals or other items that are needed while driving.

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