Banner Insurance Chiropractor Arizona

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What to Expect When Consulting a Chiropractor

If you have Banner insurance, chiropractor services are among those that are likely to be covered by your policy. If you have never been to a chiropractor before, here are a few of the things you can expect to happen at your appointment.

The Examination

Your chiropractor will start by performing a routine physical exam, which will then be followed by an exam that focuses more specifically on the spine and the areas that are causing you pain. Even if your problems are associated with your lower back, the chiropractor will examine your entire spine. This is because problems in one area can lead to pain and other issues in another part of the spine. The exam will like include a variety of assessments that are designed to test your reflexes, muscle strength and range of motion.

Banner Insurance Chiropractor Arizona

Taking a Closer Look

In most cases, the chiropractor will take x-rays of your spine before beginning a treatment program. This helps the chiropractor to more extensively study the condition of your bones and soft tissues.

Creating a Treatment Plan

After the examination and x-rays, your chiropractor will create a treatment plan. The treatment plan will take into consideration the extent of your injury, your health, the condition of your spine and your goals. The plan itself will include a series of adjustments that involve manipulating your spine with controlled force, direction and leverage.

For patients with Banner insurance, chiropractor services can offer some significant benefits. Contact our team of professional medical experts to learn more about how our chiropractic services can help you.