Recovering from Broken Ribs Following a Car Accident

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Broken ribs are among the many types of injuries that you may sustain when involved in a car accident. While some broken ribs may be simply cracked, others may be completely snapped in two. Either way, broken ribs can be quite uncomfortable and can lead to further complications if not cared for properly.

Symptoms of Broken Ribs

If you have broken ribs, you will find that the pain in your rib area increases when you take a breath or when you press on the injured area. You may also find that the pain increase when you bend or twist your body. Of course, the only way to confirm that you have a broken rib is to consult your doctor and to get an x-ray of the area.

Complications Associated with Broken Ribs

A number of complications are associated with broken ribs, particularly when the rib is completely broken. Some possible complications include:

  • Torn or Punctured Aorta: If one of the first three ribs at the top of your rib cage is broken, a sharp end could potentially rupture your aorta or another major blood vessel.
  • Punctured Lung: If one of your middle ribs is broken, a jagged edge could puncture a lung and cause it to collapse.
  • Lacerated Kidney, Liver or Spleen: While the bottom ribs typically do not fracture due to their flexibility, a break in these ribs can result in damage to the kidney, liver or spleen.

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