Treating a Broken Tailbone Following a Car Accident

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Car accidents are one of the main causes of tailbone injuries, but what exactly is the tailbone and how is an injury to this part of the body treated following an automobile accident?

What is the Tailbone?

The coccyx, commonly referred to as the “tailbone,” is a group of small bones that are located at the lower end of your spine. This short grouping of bones may consist of three to five vertebrae and ends in a soft point. Other than the first segment, the vertebrae are typically fused together. When you sit down, part of your upper body weight rests on your tailbone, which means that a break or injury to this part of your body is particularly painful whenever you try to sit down. 

What are the Symptoms of a Broken Tailbone?

If your tailbone is broken in a car accident, you will likely experience localized pain in the area where the tailbone is located. You may also find that the pain is triggered by certain actions and activities, such as sitting for long periods of time, leaning back while seated, standing for a long period of time or even getting up from a seated position. You may also experience pain when urinating, during bowel movements or when engaging in sexual intercourse. The pain may also radiate to your legs, though this is not common. 

How is a Broken Tailbone Treated?

Broken tailbones are usually treated without surgery, but physical therapy is often needed. Other treatment options may include pelvic floor rehabilitation, massage, manual manipulation, steroid injections and electrical nerve stimulation. Contact Advanced Spine & Rehab today to learn more about your treatment options!

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