Dealing with Foot Problems with the Help of Mesa Chiropractic Services

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When seeking Mesa chiropractic services, most people think that treatments focus solely on the back and dealing with spinal pain. In reality, chiropractic services take a holistic approach that can help with every part of the body. One area that often needs a great deal of attention is the feet. After all, your feet have 50 bones, 60 joins and more than 200 muscles, ligaments and tendons. Given those types of numbers, it is easy to see why they can become come sore at times and need a little attention. With your feet being the foundation of your body, it is particularly important to keep them happy and healthy so the rest of your body doesn’t suffer. In fact, here are three ways your feet can have a negative impact on your body if you don’t keep them healthy.


By the age of 20, approximately 80 percent of people have developed some form of foot imbalance. While this can be caused by a number of things, fallen arches are the most common cause. If left untreated, the shock that your feet are meant to absorb travels up your body and causes undue stress on muscles, joints and ligaments throughout the body.

Hip, Back and Neck Pain

Studies have shown that correcting postural imbalance with the help of custom foot orthotics can help to treat ankle, hip, low back and neck pain. Therefore, there is a clear connection between healthy feet and a healthy skeletal system.

Organ Function

When your feet become imbalanced, they send signals to the brain asking the rest of the body to help with getting things straightened back out. This results in corrections and over-compensations that ultimately affect the physical structure of the body. As the physical structure of your body moves and shifts, it places stress on your organs and causes fatigue.

With the help of Mesa chiropractic services, you can get the help you need to correct these problems. Contact us for more information.