Dispelling Common Suboxone Myths

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Suboxone is a form of treatment for opioid addiction that has proven to be successful for many people. Unfortunately, despite the success of this form of treatment, there are still a number of myths surrounding suboxone and its use that need to be better addressed.

One myth about suboxone is that you are not actually in recovery if you are using the medication as a part of your treatment plan. Most experts agree that an individual is still in recovery even when using a medication such as suboxone to help regulate brain chemistry. After all, addiction is a medical condition and suboxone is merely a medication that is being used to treat that health issue. It is no different from a person using insulin to treat diabetes.

Another common myth is that suboxone is frequently abused. While it could technically be abused, as is the case with any drug, suboxone abuse is not likely. This is because it is only a partial agonist, which means it provides less euphoria than opiates such as heron and oxycodone. In reality, the only true temptation for abusing suboxone is to better help manage withdrawal symptoms.

Finally, there is a myth surrounding suboxone that says it is just as easy to overdose with suboxone as it is with other opiates. It is actually extremely difficult to overdose with suboxone. Since it is partial opiate receptor agonist, there is a built-in “ceiling” effect that limits the number of opioid receptors that can be activated by the medication. To learn more, contact Advanced Spine & Rehab today!

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