Distracted Driving Results in Preventable Car Accident Injuries

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Advanced Spine Discusses Preventable Car Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver error is the largest cause of car accidents in the United States. Of course, there are many different cause of driver error, with the most common being due to distracted driving. In fact, the National Safety Council reports that 25 percent of all automobile crashes are related to cell phone use. Other common distractions include adjusting the radio, putting on makeup and eating food while driving.

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Unfortunately, far too many drivers mistakenly believe that they can multitask while driving. Studies have shown, however, that it is impossible to multitask and provide your full attention to driving while engaging in other activities. The few seconds of delayed time that it takes to perceive and react to a hazard can mean the difference between avoiding an accident and getting involved in one.

Other driver error accidents include drinking under the influence of alcohol, which is a factor in more than 40 percent of all automobile fatalities, and driver fatigue. Alcohol and fatigue have similar effects on drivers, with both severely slowing down reaction time and resulting in poor decision-making. Speeding is another common cause of accidents related to driver error, with the least experienced drivers being the most likely to speed.

Regardless of the cause of the accident, car accident injuries can be quite serious and can result in permanent damage. In many cases, prompt treatment can help to severely reduce the long-term effects of the accident. If you need help addressing your car accident injuries, contact Advanced Spine and Rehab to discuss your treatment options.