Examining the Effects of High Cholesterol

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We have all heard that having high cholesterol is a health issue, but are you fully aware of all of the dangers that high cholesterol pose to the body? The reality is that high cholesterol puts you at an increased risk for death. Here’s a look at just a few of the problems high cholesterol can cause.

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The Circulatory System

Cholesterol is moved through the blood via lipoproteins. Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) take the cholesterol where it is needed, while high-density lipoproteins (HDL) take the cholesterol from the cells and tissue in order to return it to the liver. Too much LDL and too little HDL can create a hardened mixture of cholesterol and fat known as plaque. This causes the coronary arteries to narrow, making it more difficult for the blood to get through to your heart. If the plaque breaks open, it results in a blood clot that can completely cut off blood flow. This puts you at an increased risk of heart attack.

There are many symptoms associated with reduced blood supply to the heart. These include discomfort, pressure or pain in the chest as well as pain in the arms, back, jaw, neck or shoulders.

The Brain

High cholesterol can also make it more difficult for the arteries to carry blood to your brain. This will deprive your body of oxygen, which can lead to a stroke. Symptoms of stroke include difficulty seeing, speaking or moving your limbs. A stroke may also create sudden weakness and numbness in the body. Ultimately, stroke may lead to disability, brain damage or death.

The Limbs

The decreased blood flow in your body can also make it difficult for blood to reach your arms and leg, resulting in peripheral arterial disease. If this happens, you may experience numbness or pain in your limbs. You will also have an increased risk of infection that can ultimately lead to tissue death.

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