Exploring the Cause of Drug Abuse: Getting Help with Suboxone

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When it comes to drug abuse, the causes are not fully understood. There are, however, three factors that seem to put one at a greater risk of addiction. These factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Co-Occurring Conditions
  • Environmental Causes

While many people use drugs in one form or another, only a small percentage become abusers. Since drug abuse frequently seems to run in families, it is believed that there may be a genetic component. At the same time, a person who is born to parents who are drug abusers is not automatically going to become an abuser. There is, however, an increased risk that a drug abuse problem could develop.

Co-occurring conditions such as mental illness also appear to increase the risk of drug abuse. This may be partially due to attempts to manage the symptoms associated with the mental illness. A person with depression, for example, may use drugs to get high in an attempt to escape from their depressive mood.\

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Similarly, certain environmental factors can increase the risk of drug abuse. Abuse and neglect can lead to drug abuse, as can the presence of drugs in the home. Poor achievement in school and spending time with peers who abuse drugs can also increase the risk of drug abuse.

Regardless of the cause, using Suboxone is one tool that can be used to help end drug abuse. At Advanced Spine & Rehab, we used a multi-prong approach that combines the use of Suboxone and various forms of therapy to help the abuser become clean. Contact us to learn more!

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