Regain a Healthy Brain with the Help of Suboxone

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For those who suffer from a drug addiction, understanding addiction and finding the right treatment programs are the keys to living a healthier lifestyle. In the case of an opioid addiction, using a treatment program that involves suboxone can help with the process by addressing the physical effects that drugs have on the brain.

Rewiring the Brain

Most drugs are addicting because they affect the brain’s “reward circuit,” which means they create a feeling of euphoria while flooding the brain with dopamine. This reinforcement of this pleasurable feeling causes drug users to seek out the drugs to use over and over again in hopes of experiencing the euphoria once more.

Over a period of repeated use of the drugs, the brain adapts in ways that reduce its ability to experience the same sense of euphoria. This tolerance build up results in needing to use more of the drug in order to achieve the same high as before. In exchange, the person begins to experience less pleasure from those things they once enjoyed, such as sex, food or social activities. Ultimately, this change to the brain’s chemical systems can affect the person’s judgment and decision-making skills as well as their ability to learn and cope with stress.

Getting Back on Track

Suboxone can help those who are addicted to opioids by addressing the physical side of addiction. As part of a holistic program that involves counseling and behavior modification strategies, a suboxone treatment program can be very successful for certain people. To learn more about this option, contact Advanced Spine & Rehab today!

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