Identifying and Treating Neck Pain in Phoenix

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Neck Pain in Greater Phoenix Area Treated at Advanced Spine and Rehab

Are you experiencing neck pain in Phoenix? If so, you may be surprised to learn that there are a variety of different situations that can lead to neck pain. He is a look at just a few of them.

  • Holding your head in an unusual position: Holding your head in an unusual position for a long period of time, such as cradling a phone between your head and shoulder while having a conversation, can cause strains and sprains in your neck.
  • Poor posture: Poor posture may result in your head being tilted forward for long period of time, thereby forcing your neck muscles, ligaments and tendons to work too hard. Poor posture can lead to neck pain while engaging in a variety of activities, including watching television, working on the computer, reading a book, riding a train or gardening.
  • Repetitive motions: Turning your head from side to side or otherwise moving it in a repetitive manner while engaging in activities such as dancing or swimming can lead to neck pain.
  • Sleeping incorrectly: Sleeping in an awkward or atypical position can cause your neck to become overextended, thereby putting a “crick” in your neck.
  • Sports injury: Moving your neck suddenly or in an unusual way, colliding with other players or simply falling can all lead to a neck injury. Stingers, which occur when the nerves in the neck and shoulder and impacted, can cause a feeling of numbness, pain or weakness to radiate down your shoulder, arm and hand.

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Regardless of the cause of your neck pain in Phoenix, seeing a chiropractor can help you alleviate the pain and other symptoms associated with your problem. Contact Advanced Spine & Rehab to learn more about how we can help.