Ingrown Toenails: What You Need to Know

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Ingrown toenails can be quite the nuisance for those who suffer from the. Furthermore, if not properly treated, an ingrown toenail can lead to infection and other complications. If you think you might be suffering from an ingrown toenail, here is some information that you need to know.

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What are Ingrown Toenails?

An ingrown toenail is a condition where the corner of the side of the toenail grows into the flesh of the toe. While an ingrown toenail can develop on any toe, the big toe is the one that is typically affected.

What are the Symptoms of Ingrown Toenails?

An ingrown toenail typically causes pain, swelling and redness in the affected area. If left untreated, it can potentially lead to an infection.

What Causes Ingrown Toenails?

An ingrown toenail may be caused by wearing shoes that crowd your toenails, cutting your toenails too short, failure to cut your toenails straight across, injuring your toenail or simply having toenails with an unusual curve.

How is an Ingrown Toenail Treated?

In some cases, you can remove an ingrown toenail on your own pulling it out from the affected area. If the pain becomes too severe or begins to spread, however, it may be necessary to see a doctor. Furthermore, if you have diabetes or other conditions that result in poor blood flow, you should be sure to address the problem quickly in order to reduce your risk of complication.

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