5 Simple Steps You Can Take to Help in the Opioid Crisis Battle

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According to data from 2018, 128 people died every day in the United states due to opioid overdosing. Unfortunately, the problem with opioids continues to get worse, creating a serious national crisis in the United States that affects not only public health, but the social and economic welfare of the country as a whole.

Given the serious negative effects that opioids have had on the country as well as on so many people who live within it, it is only natural to begin to feel helpless and to wonder “What can I do?” While no single person has the ability to put an end to the opioid crisis, you can help to bring it to an end by doing any and all of the following:

  • Have meaningful conversations with your loved ones about opioids. Rather than thinking “It won’t happen to me,” talk about the threats of opioid abuse and ask and research the tough questions together.
  • Keep prescription drugs in your home locked away and out of reach of others. 
  • Get involved and participate in community events to help spread awareness, such as public forums, prevention activities at schools, walks, fun runs and community vigils.
  • Contact law enforcement regarding drug-related activities in your neighborhood. 
  • Discard unneeded drugs properly by taking them to law enforcement on local “take back” days or taking them to your local pharmacy.

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