Recovering from a Broken Neck Following a Car Accident

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A broken neck is one of the possible outcomes when involved in a car accident. While people often immediately think of paralysis when they hear about a broken neck, the reality is that it is possible to recover fully after suffering from a broken neck. Of course, the prognosis for recovery is largely dependent upon the type of break, where exactly it occurs and the type of treatment that is implemented. 

Symptoms of a Broken Neck

A broken neck is typically quite painful while also making it very difficult or even impossible to move your neck. Depending up the type of damage your spinal cord has endured, you may also have difficulty with moving other parts of your body. You may also feel tingling in your hands and feet or you may experience difficulty with balance and walking. 

Diagnosing a Broken Neck

A broken neck can typically be diagnosed with a simple X-ray. If the break also damages your spinal cord, it may also be necessary to conduct a CT scan, and MRI scan or a somatosensory evoked potential (SSEP), which is also referred to as a magnetic stimulation. 

Treating a Broken Neck

The treatment plan for your broken neck will depend upon the severity of the break. If it does not affect your spinal cord, for example, you may simply wear a neck brace while getting plenty of rest and managing the pain. If it is more severe, surgery may be needed to fix the bones and get them set back into the right place. If the spinal cord is damaged, there are no treatments available to help with the healing process. In this case, permanent paralysis may be the result. 

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