Suboxone and Buphenorphine

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When it comes to treating opioid addiction, there are many treatment options available. While methadone was one treatment option that was used for many years to treat opioid addiction, other options that are carry fewer risks and offer a greater chance of success for many patients are now available. One of these treatment options is Suboxone, which utilizes buprenorphine to assist with treating opioid addiction.

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For some who are currently undergoing methadone treatment, it might make sense to switch to a buprenorphine treatment. Since the two medications are so different, however, there are a few things to keep in mind before switching. First, while studies indicate that buprenorphine is just as effective as moderate doses of methadone, it may not be as effective as using the optimal dose of methadone. As such, it may not be a good option for those who have a high level of physical dependency on opioids.

Just as with methadone, there are some potential side effects to using buprenorphine. Some of these include nausea, muscle aches, cravings, inability to sleep, irritability and fever.

Obviously, before making a switch to a different treatment plan, it is important to talk to a medical professional. Furthermore, while buprenorphine can be prescribed on an outpatient basis, keep in mind that is still prescribed as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes participation in social support programs and counseling.

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