Opioids in the Veterinary Field

When it comes to the opioid crisis, many people fail to realize the impact that the veterinary care field can have on the issue. While many efforts have been made to educate physicians and dentists about opioids, veterinary clinics are another possible source of opioids that can be abused. Just as with humans, animals receive opioids to help them deal... read more »

Opioid Addiction: How Does One Become an Addict?

With more than 2 million Americans and around 15 million people worldwide misusing prescription opioids and heroin, it is clear that opioid abuse is a serious issue. In fact, more than 20,000 deaths in the United States were attributed to an overdose of prescription opioids in 2016 along with another 13,000 deaths resulting from heroin use. As such, drug overdose... read more »

Tips for Proper Care and Disposal of Opioid Medication

If you or someone in your household is using prescription opioids for pain relief, it is important to ensure you follow certain procedures in order to prevent misuse, addiction and overdose from occurring. Three basic tips to follow include: Store opioids in a secure location.Never share prescription opioids.Dispose of leftover or expired prescription opioids properly. When it comes to medication... read more »