Treating a Broken Wrist After a Car Accident

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When involved in a car accident, broken bones are often an unfortunate side effect. One of the common areas where bones are fractured is the lower part of the arm where the two bones in the forearm come together. Medically referred to as a Colles’ fracture or a distal radius fracture, a broken wrist needs to be treated right away in order to achieve the best possible outcome in healing.

What Dangers are Associated with a Broken Wrist?

Broken wrists are the most common of all of the types of bone fractures, with one out of every 10 broken bones in the United States being the wrist. In more serious cases, a broken wrist can result in ligaments being torn, a piece of bone breaking through the skin, bone pieces moving out of place, bone pieces injuring a blood vessel or nerve or the break extending beyond the wrist joint. These types of injuries can be even more difficult to treat.

How is a Broken Bone Treated?

To treat a broken bone, your doctor may need to rest the wrist into the correct position. This is usually done with anesthesia, with painkillers prescribed afterward to help with the pain. You may need to use a splint for a few days to a week until the swelling goes done, after which a cast may be put in place for six to eight weeks. Regular X-rays will also be necessary to ensure the bones are healing properly.

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