Treating Opioid Addiction with a Suboxone Treatment Plan Developed by Dr. Rebecca Abraham

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Advanced Spine and Dr. Abraham discuss your treatment options with Suboxone

Are you looking for a doctor to help you or a loved one overcome an opioid addiction? If so, you might want to consider visiting Dr. Rebecca P. Abraham, M.D. at Advanced Spine and Rehab. With years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Abraham is certified to provide patients with Suboxone treatment to address addiction to pain medication and other opiates.

Getting to Know Dr. Rebecca Abraham

Board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine in 2008, Dr. Rebecca Abraham earned her medical degree from Kasturba Medical College in Manipal, India. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Rebecca Abraham completed her residency training in Family Medicine at Flower Residency Program in Sylvania, Ohio. She has been practicing in the East Valley since 2008 and began working with Advanced Spine and Rehab in June of 2015. Dr. Abraham is dedicated to cooperating with other doctors and physicians in order to provide the most holistic treatment possible to her patients.

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Treating Opioid Addiction with Suboxone Treatment

While there are many different options available for the treatment of opioid addiction, Suboxone treatment is one option that has helped thousands of people overcome their addiction. Dr. Abraham can help you or your loved one overcome addiction with the help of this treatment option. Suboxone treatment is a form of medication-assisted treatment. Medication-assisted treatment is similar to using medication to treat a chronic illness, thereby helping to reduce cravings, withdrawal symptoms and the drug-induced highs and lows that are associated with addiction.

Suboxone treatment is one option to consider when attempting to overcome addiction to pain killers and other opiates. Contact Advanced Spine and Rehab to learn more about this treatment option.