Understanding the Dangers of Opioid Abuse

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If you are someone you know suffers from an opioid addiction, getting help through suboxone treatment may be just what is necessary to get your life back under control. After all, there are many dangers associated with an opioid addiction. In fact, here’s a look at some of the side effects of this dangerous addiction.

  • Breathing problems: opioids cause breathing to slow down and to become shallower than normal, which can ultimately lead to death. Mixing opioids with alcohol increases the risk of experiencing breathing problems.
  • Constipation and bowel dysfunction: opioids are known to cause constipation that can’t even be alleviated with the help of laxatives. As such, rectal interventions may be necessary.
  • Drowsiness: opioids increase drowsiness, which increases the chance of having an accident, falling or experiencing other types of injuries.
  • Heart problems: opioids can cause irregular heart rhythms, which can be life threatening, in some people.
  • Low sex hormone: opiods lower hormone levels, leading to erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Sleep disorders: Sleep apnea, which is characterized by long pauses between breaths while sleeping, can be caused by opioids. Apnea results in low oxygen levels, which can cause damage to the heart and lungs. Opioids can also disrupt sleep patterns, making it difficult to get a restful sleep.

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People who take opioids typically develop a physical dependence and tolerance to the drugs. Suboxone treatment can help to break this dependency so you or your loved one do not have to face these dangerous side effects. Contact Advanced Spine & Rehab to learn more about our suboxone treatment program.