What to Expect from an Intervention

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Advanced Spine & Rehab provides suboxone treatments and can help fight addiction.

If you are considering hiring an interventionist to help with getting your loved one to seek the help she or he needs for drug addiction, you will certainly want to know more about how to find an interventionist and what to expect once you find the right person.

When searching for an interventionist, you should consult with a medical professional who you trust. Once you have selected an interventionist, you can expect to complete the following basic steps:

  • Pre-intervention preparation, during which the interventionist will assist with identifying and prepping the family members, friends and coworkers who will participate in the intervention in a nonjudgmental and helpful manner.
  • The actual intervention, at which the interventionist will serve as the moderator.
  • Transitioning into a rehab program, during which the interventionist will provide assistance.

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While there are several different models that may be implemented by an interventionist, the Johnson model is the one that is most frequently used. This model contracts the individual’s positive personality traits with the negative traits that result from the addiction. During the intervention, the group remains focused on the expressing care and support for the individual. Everyone involved in the intervention is expected to be a part of the recovery process, with each person receiving education and counseling throughout the process. According to the Association of Intervention Specialists, this model successfully gets 90 percent of addicts to seek treatment. The ARISE model, which focuses on the entire family recovering ad healing while including the addicted person in the process from the start, is another popular model among interventionists.

If you have a loved one who is ready to seek help for an opioid addiction, Advanced Spine & Rehab is a certified suboxone treatment facility. This outpatient treatment program may be the right answer for you. Contact us to learn more.