Advanced Spine & Rehab: Offering Alternative Medical Services to Meet Your Needs

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Holistic, caring medical and chiropractic professionals are here to give you amazing treatment.

Serving patients from all over the state of Arizona, Advanced Spine & Rehab offers a number of services. By combining the skill and expertise that spans the spectrum from medical to chiropractic wellness, patients of Advanced Spine & Rehab are able to achieve and maintain better health as well as a better way of life.

With the goal of helping you to Feel Good Again, our team of professionals does not focus on simply healing a broken bone, mending an injury or treating the symptoms associated with an illness. Rather, we take a holistic approach to your treatment plan as we strive to make you feel healthier and happier in all aspects of health. To that end, we offer family health care services to provide care to all members of your family, with treatment options including traditional medical treatment as well as chiropractic care, massage therapy and physiotherapy.

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With an emphasis on reducing the risk of pain and illness, we do more than treat our patients. We strive to help them stay healthy and avoid illness in the first place. With the help of alternative medicine techniques, we take our patients on a journey that allows them to discover health and wellness in a way they may not have known before.

If you are ready to take a holistic approach to health and wellness that treats the entire body and not just your symptoms, contact Advanced Spine & Rehab. We will be happy to discuss our alternative medicine options with you as we tailor a wellness program specifically targeted to meet your wellness needs without using invasive and ineffective techniques and services.