Completing Pre-Employment and Sports Physicals at Advanced Spine & Rehab

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Advanced Spine and Family Healthcare provides a variety of treatment plans for your family.

At Advanced Spine & Rehab, we offer a number of community benefit programs that are designed to help various organizations screen their patients, clients and athletes. Among these programs are:

  • DOT physicals
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Sport/School physicals

With the help of these types of physicals, our medical professionals are able to assess individuals to determine if they are physically healthy enough to perform their duties or to engage in certain activities. While it may seem like a pre-employment physical or a sport physical is completed entirely for the benefit of a school or employer, the reality is that these exams offer benefits to you as well. By ensuring that you are physically healthy enough to perform the job or participate in the sport, you are reducing your chance of being injured or suffering from a medical condition related to your duties.

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Of course, these physicals also benefit the employer or school as well. By having you complete a physical before you engage in activities, it helps to protect the school or employer from liability claims. For this reason, you likely will not be allowed to begin work or to participate in practices related to school athletic teams until after you have successfully completed a physical examination.

When getting a physical examination, you can expect for your vital signs to be checked and for your medical history to be documented. You will also complete a basic hearing and vision test. Depending upon the requests of the employer or school, you may also need to complete a respiratory evaluation that will involve listening to your heart and your breathing. You may also be required to complete a cardiac stress test. If you are in need of a physical for work or school, contact Advanced Spine and Family Healthcare to make an appointment.