Migraines Following a Car Accident

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If you have been involved in a car accident and you have suddenly found yourself starting to suffer from migraines, it is possible that your condition is a side effect from the injuries that you sustained during your car accident. But what are the different types of migraines and how do you know if this what you are suffering from?

Migraine With Aura

Broadly speaking, there are two basic categories of migraines. The first is the migraine with aura. Once referred to as a “classical migraine,” this type of migraine includes visual symptoms such as seeing lines, shapes or flashes. Some migraine sufferers may also lose their vision for 10 to 30 minutes during the aura phase. You may also experience tingling in your arms and legs or you may experience changes to your smell, speech, taste and touch. Approximately one out of four migraine suffers experience auras, which typically start before the head pain begins and may last up to an hour.

Migraine Without an Aura 

The other broad category of migraines is the migraine without and aura, which is also referred to as the “common migraine.” As the name implies, this type of migraine does not include the aura phase. You may, however, feel a pulsing or throbbing on one side of your head. You may also experience nausea as well as vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound. 

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