What is Addiction and How Can Suboxone Treatment Help?

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Advanced Spine discusses your treatment options with Suboxone

When treating an opioid addiction with the help of Suboxone treatment, It is beneficial to understand the difference between an addiction and physical dependence. While the two are similar, understanding the differences between the two is the first step toward addressing the overall addiction.

What is Addiction?

While a person who suffers from an opioid addiction will experience withdrawal symptoms once he stops taking opioids, this symptom alone is not enough to be classified as an addiction. Rather, this symptom is a sign of physical dependence. By definition, an addiction is a chronic disease that is defined by the compulsive use of the drug that produces harm or dysfunction.

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Addiction is also characterized by continued use of the drug despite the harm or dysfunction that it causes. Therefore, while you may be physically dependent up a pain killer to help alleviate pain, this does not necessarily mean you are addicted. Similarly, building up a tolerance to the medication is not a sure sign that you are addicted. If the drug interferes with your ability to function or you spend most of your time trying to obtain and use the drug, you are very likely addicted.

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms after you stop taking a pain killer is not necessarily a sign of addiction, either, but it is important to be under a doctor’s care once you stop taking pain killers. In this way, you can be sure to complete the process as safely as possible. Contact Advanced Spine and Rehab to learn more about opioid addiction and treatment options such as Suboxone treatment.