What to Expect When Seeing a Doctor About Allergies

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Phoenix Chiropractor Dr. Crismon Addresses Allergies

Do you suspect that you have allergies? If so, it is a good idea to visit with a doctor in order to test for allergies. Here’s a look at what you can expect when you visit your doctor for allergy testing.

Step 1: The Skin Test

Most doctors will first complete a skin test, which involves scratching your skin or making an injection just beneath it in order to see how your body reacts to the allergens. While the skin test does not classify all allergies, it does cover major categories such as common food, insect sting and respiratory allergies. By completing this test, you can better determine if future allergic reactions may be life threatening.

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Step #2: Examine Medical History

The doctor will also explore your family history and personal medical records. For children, having a parent with allergies increases the likelihood of a diagnosis. Your doctor will also likely ask if you suffer from asthma because people with allergies are at an increased risk of experiencing an asthma attack.

Step #3: Consider Lifestyle Choices

If you are currently experiencing an allergic reaction, the doctor will consider your lifestyle and recent activities that may have caused the reaction to occur. The doctor might ask if you have eaten anything unusual lately or if you have recently come in contact with something unfamiliar.

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